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It’s that time of year again!  The kiddies are off to school.

For some parents, it’s their child’s first day of school ever, and for others it’s just another year.  Whether your little one is starting kindergarten or grade five, the first day back can always be a little bittersweet for everyone.  However, we can do little things to help the transition go as smoothly as possible, and remind our children that we are thinking of them, even if we aren’t with them.

Start the morning off right with a great healthy breakfast!  Why not give it a little something special by drawing a heart on their oatmeal with some strawberry sauce, or cut their toast into hearts, or make animals faces!  This bear face was a huge hit with our son!

By lunch time your kiddo might be missing you (or have forgotten all about you lol), either way, remind them you are thinking of them with these fun printable lunchbox notes!  Just click, print, cut, and add a special message! Then tuck it inside your little ones lunch for that special surprise!

Printable Lunch Box Notes
Printable Lunch Box Notes

Once the school day is over, you and your child can spend the evening talking all about each other’s day!