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If you are anything like me, you love all things glitter!  So why not add a little sparkle to the season with these gorgeous glittered pumpkins!

It’s super easy, and the end result is absolutely stunning!  Hey, you can even get the kids involved for a simple rainy day activity.

Glittered Pumpkins


What you need:

* Glue (any white craft glue will work, I used Elmer’s School Glue)

* Paint brush (as you can see mine is well loved lol)

* Glitter (I used super fine glitter)

* Gourds or Pumpkins (I used mini white gourds from the grocery store)

* Paper (to save the unused glitter)


Glittered Pumpkin Tutorial


How you do it:

1. Paint half the pumpkin with the glue (so you can rest the other half on the paper) * I painted the entire pumpkin at once, which made it a little difficult to handle … so I strongly recommend doing half at a time.  Also, I left the bottom of the pumpkin with no glue so I could rest it on the paper without sticking … you actually don’t need to do the bottom of the pumpkin at all because no one will see it … unless you have nosey friends.

2.  The fun part!!  Pour the glitter all over the glue side of the pumpkin!  And when I say pour, I mean pour!  This is not the time to be stingy.  Any excess can be reused.  Set pumpkin on a clean sheet of paper, and use the glitter from the first sheet to pour over the pumpkin again … repeat until pumpkin is fully covered with glitter.

3.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other side of the pumpkin … then set the pumpkin aside (and up high away from little ones) to dry.

4.  Fold paper in half and use it as a funnel to return the excess glitter to the bottle.

That’s it!  Simple, right?   Now that you see how easy they are to make, I hope you make a bunch of them because they really add so much pretty sparkle to your decor.