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Happy Easter! I hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends.

Too much chocolate consumption?  Over stimulation from family and friends? Cranky from the early morning?  Grab a pack of crayons or markers and print out this free Easter bunny colouring page!  You could even print out a second one for your little ones if they want to join in 😉

While you are at it, we would love to see your little one’s finished artwork!  Once coloured, email us a photo of the finished easter colouring page, and we’ll post it in one of our next blog posts!

Click the image below to begin your download:


Simple Sugar Colouring Page for Easter
Simple Sugar Colouring Page for Easter

Note:  The page is in Adobe PDF format, if you do not have a program to open the file you can download Adobe reader from the Adobe Website.

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Have a Happy Easter!