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Like many of you, Christmas is my favourite holiday.   The carols, the get-togethers, the sugary treats .. just the overall feeling of this holiday is magical … but my most favourite part of Christmas is the decorating!  If I could decorate trees for a living, I totally would!  It would be my dream job!

As a child, it was tradition for my dad and I to pick out a real Christmas tree, while my mom and sister stayed home to prepare for the arrival of the “perfect tree”.  My dad and I would spend a good half hour to an hour sifting through all the fresh cut trees, till we found the tree that was just right.

After Mike and I married, we  moved away, and I continued the tradition with him … for two years.


One Friday evening, Mike and I brought home the perfect real Christmas tree for our home.   The next evening, I was ready to trim the tree.   I put on my favourite Christmas carols, and decorated my little heart out!   The lights twinkled, the ornaments sparkled, and everything was perfect!  I cleaned up the empty boxes and took a step back to admire all my hard work.  As I stood there basking in the glow of Christmas, the tree came tumbling down … ON TOP OF ME!

The only thing crushed was my spirit as I sat stunned, while Mike chuckled (first asking if I was ok, of course).  I was so angry and disappointed, but after a minute or two, I found it in my heart to laugh …a little.  Mike helped me fix the tree, and he tied the top of it to the ceiling, but after that Christmas I swore I would never get another real tree again.

So, for the last 7 years, we’ve had a beautiful ‘real-looking’ fake tree … and I am totally ok with it.  New traditions were made, and I love it just the same.

Here’s a peek at what our tree looks like this year ..

Christmas Tree Peek 2013


Does your family do a real or fake Christmas tree?  Do you have any Christmas tree stories?  I’d love to hear them!


Keep life sweet!