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I always love stepping out of the traditionally expected, soft, white, and pastel-coloured nursery ideas.  Give me dark furniture, bold colours, and I’m one happy Momma.  As it turns out, I might have done my son a favour when decorating his room in black, white, and bright aqua, by creating a visually stimulating nursery!

When a baby is born, their retina (the back layer of the eye that detects light, and distinguishes many different shades of light and colour) is not fully developed.  What this means is that, as adults, we see a beautiful pastel pink or blue nursery, with accents of pale yellow or green, but as babies, they see these colours all blurred together as one shade.  Why is this important?  Well, in order for their optic nerve to grow and develop normally, it needs to be stimulated.

The best way to stimulate the optic nerve in your baby is through contrasting colours.  The stronger the contrast, the happier your baby’s eyes!  So why not consider a black and white nursery?  It’s the perfect contrast, and looks great in any modern or classic home.

Our latest Pinterest board Black and White Nursery Ideas features some striking black and white finds that are sure to satisfy any baby’s optical nerve!

Just take a look at this finished modern black and white nursery:

Black and White nursery

Think about how happy your little one’s eyes would be as they stared at all the different contrasting patterns!

Our custom Alphabet Initial Print and Snips & Snails – Modern (also available in Sugar & Spice – Modern) would be the perfect addition to any black and white nursery! Offering your baby the contrast of colour, as well as shapes found in the different letters of the alphabet.  Grow little optic nerve, grow!


 Now that you know what black and white can do for your baby’s eyes, would you use it in your little one’s nursery?