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While at the Babytime show this past weekend, we discovered something interesting. Quite a few people were designing alphabet themed nurseries! Brilliant!  It was one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments.  Of course, children love the alphabet!  Not only is it educational, but it’s fun, which is great. So, off I went on my hunt for alphabet nursery ideas.

At first I thought, other than the common wooden alphabet wall hangings, alphabet flash cards, and alphabet posters, there can’t be much else out there.  But sure enough, I found a wealth of alphabet themed decor. From bedding sets, to rugs, and even an alphabet mobile!

One of the more modern pieces I found, and absolutely fell in love with, was this fantastic letter shelf!  How fun would this be in a child’s room? I also found a tutorial on how to make your own letter shelf, for all you do-it-yourselfers out there!

letter shelf

Our Alphabet Initial Prints are the perfect finishing touch to any alphabet themed nursery.  Each print features the entire alphabet, upper and lower case, in the shape of your child’s initial.  The best part of these prints is that even when your little one outgrows their nursery or toddler room, these prints are stylish and modern enough to grow with them!


If you like the idea of an alphabet nursery, check out our “Alphabet Nursery Ideas” for some great inspiration that will have your child singing their ABC’s in no time!

Did you use the alphabet theme for your little one’s nursery? I would love to see pictures! Send us your finished alphabet nursery, or alphabet decor ideas here, and we’ll post them on our pinterest board!